Samuel J Post

Art was highly recommended to me last year by a friend and proved to live up to the recommendation. This year when I encountered problems with my AC system, Lucas came and spent hours repairing a problem that could’ve been disastrous except for Lucas’ intuitive sense of how to take care of the issue without having to replace the entire system. Art and Lucas are honest, trustworthy, professional, and great guys. Thank you for your help and for giving me the confidence to contact you anytime I need superior service. Will definitely pass your Cardinal Air’s name to anyone interested!

Nancy Zheng

Lucas was working at the building right next to ours and he came in to offer his time to look over our system while he was here. He did a thorough inspection of our system, informed us of filters that were extremely dirty that we didn’t even know about, sent us pictures of everything, and even programmed our thermostat to save us on energy costs. The best thing was that he didn’t even charge us a dime! We highly recommend Cardinal Air because they are genuine and trustworthy individuals. Thank you!

“ I just had Cardinal Air at my home for the first time. They checked my unit for the summer season. They were very prompt, professional and courteous. But most importantly they were completely HONEST. I know this because they didn't tell me I needed additional freon or all the extras others have always charged for. I will definitely be using Cardinal Air again.”

Cardinal Air is the only company I will ever use for servicing my home. They are professional and courteous and always show up on time. They are the best.

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